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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Why is it advised to contact a registered gas installer?

An authorized gas installer needs to undergo several evaluations and analysis levels before it is given this title. When a gas installer Local Pros or professional will verify the skills, it will be identified as a registered gas installer.

If you are looking for a registered gas installer in your area, then talk to Tts Gas

Why do I need a COC?

It is an absolute need if you want to show an insurance provider in case of a crash or leakage. Your payment will be given to you easily by the insurance companies if you have this certificate.

COC Is also required by law when buying or selling your property that as gas appliances.

Can I keep my gas cylinders/bottles within my house?

The smaller 9kg is allowed in the home for a stove .installation if installed by an autorised and licensec gas practioner.Gas cylinders cannot be stored inside your house only outside in a ventilated area.


Am i allowed to do my own installation?

Installation by a non-registered gas specialist is an offense. A fine can be imposed on you for doing so. Always go for a registered gas installer. We are registered and approved gas installers. 

Why Choose a Tts Gas?

•    We’ve partnered with all major gas suppliers and makers
•    Charges are affordable
•    All  our installers are registered and licensed.


Creating An Intelligent Future, Today